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Vamsi Tokala's blog: May 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Detecting LDAP Performance Issues

Detecting LDAP Performance Issues

We had detected significant degrade in response times recently related to LDAP during the load tests and we were not sure the reasons for the slowness.

I took the following approach to debug the issue

  1. Captured the LDAP traffic in the server using TCP Dump( Linux)
  2. Import the dump in Wireshark
  3. Modify Display Filter
        Tcp.dstport == port no
  4. and decoded the traffic as shown below
    1. Value is port used to communicate the LDAP Server
    2. LDAP is the communication protocal in Wireshark


5 TCP traffic is more readable and I was able to detect the issue with LDAP search against our application and administrators groups

@2016, copyright Vamsidhar Tokala