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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SAP Workload

While designing a workload model for performance testing SAP application, it is important to derive details like Concurrent users, frequently used transactions and load distribution across multiple servers etc. These details can be obtained by using STO3N command at different periods of times in prod.

Figure below shows the ST03N transaction report

1. ST03N Transaction can help in calculating volume of transactions done after the LoadTest
2. It can help in analyzing workload for different statistics like background jobs,dialog processes etc
3. It can used to identify the number of users working on an application server
4. Analyze the time spent by the transaction across different tiers in the system
5. Load Distribution across multiple servers during the loadtest


Vinay said...

what are the parameters which needs to be considered to identify the transactions which needs to be performance tested?


Vamsi Tokala said...

Frequently used,
Resource Intensive and
Business Critical

Ananta said...

Hi Vinay,

If i am sorting the number of dialog steps from top to bottom, From there i can get the mostly executing T-codes ? Is it correct

Again i can sort the Average response time per dialog step from top to bottom and Find the top response time.

but how to find how many user load i will give to a perticular t- code ?

COuld you please help here.


Vamsi Tokala said...

Please refer little's law in deriving cincurrent users.