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Vamsi Tokala's blog: File Transfer Errors during initialization in LoadRunner Controller

Monday, August 16, 2010

File Transfer Errors during initialization in LoadRunner Controller

File Transfer Errors are very common during initialization of load test with LoadRunner. It can be because of following reasons.

1. There may be situations where some of the runtime files of the script are not included by the controller while transferring files to different load generators (may be a bug in controller). It may not transfer all the files required for the script to run successfully. Under those situations if the scripts give compilation errors in different load generators other than local host then manually add the missing files using Add button shown in the snapshot below.

Controller Group Information

2. If the Length of the script name is too large then LoadRunner will throw error messages like below

Error: Mercury File Transfer error: Cannot create file C:\Documents and Settings\autodesk-admin\Local Settings\Temp\brr_mYv.195\netdir\C\Performance_Test\QAAutomation\Performance\LR\Stage\700ExodusSFDC\CallCenter\CC_SFDC_CreateGSSRequest_fromContactScreen_Attachment\CC_SFDC_CreateGSSRequest_fromContactScreen_Attachment.prm. Reason : Check the file path for illegal characters or length.

To double check if the length is the issue, go the LoadGenerator and try to add the file in the specified path. You may get the error as below

Error Copying File

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