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Vamsi Tokala's blog: Generic Questions to RFP on Performance Testing

Friday, October 30, 2009

Generic Questions to RFP on Performance Testing

 I have listed some generic questions which can be asked to a potential customer in response to an RFP on performance testing

  • Will you provide any performance data that has been gathered on the existing application? If you don’t have the data on hand, will you help make it available?
  • How many Performance contractors will be involved in the project team?
  • Are there any metrics for success or expectations for future volume? Does the organization have a performance testing technology that they regularly use? Does the Application already have service levels and performance levels defined?
  • What is the total number of users that will access the application?
  • Description of your existing software systems, e.g., Web server, database, application server, network operating system, messaging, monitoring, network management, etc.
  • Description of in-house IT staff, including their areas of expertise, be it networking, systems management, development, etc.
  • Can the application provide high availability systems? What is considered high availability?
  • How is load balancing performed?
  • Does the application have processes in place to monitor CPU usage, file system usage, memory usage, and network performance?
  • What are the tools does your organization have?
  • How many and what percent of applications/projects are performance tested with tool (LoadRunner) before they are launched into production



Anonymous said...

I have a question how do we know of existing RFP's for performance testing to submit a response.

I hav 10+ years in performance testing, trying to run a company offering performance testing services.

Vamsi Tokala said...

It depends, typically customers issue RFP to selected companies and seeks for response.

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