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Vamsi Tokala's blog: User Defined Template feature in LoadRunner 9.5

Friday, November 6, 2009

User Defined Template feature in LoadRunner 9.5

When testing the application, we also need to test several business processes, to do so we usually reuse same parameter files, runtime settings, Boiler templates etc. In addition we may also want to reuse certain functions for each of the scripts we create. Until now to do this we have to create a new script and then import and copy into it all the necessary files and settings from the existing scripts. With VUGEN 9.5 we can avoid this by using script template.

Create a script with proper boiler plate, parameters files, and runtime settings etc which are common to all the business processes and then save the template. To do this go to File menu– User Defined template – Save as Template in VUGEN

Once the template is created, apply the template, to do this go to File menu –User defined template – Create script from Template and a new script will be created with all the based data as made in the template and we can now start recording our business process on top of it.


Vinay said...

once the template has been created, for a new script to be recorded on top of it; do we need to use 'record at the cursor' option??

Can you please clarify


Praveen Kumar said...

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